Our goal is to create the best market for your property and maximize it’s value

The following resources are combined to make the most effective market for each multifamily property we represent

Market Valuation

By tracking each and every multifamily sale throughout the markets we serve we are able to provide you with an up-to-date and accurate valuation based on current market indicators and recent comparable sales.

Marketing Materials

Our state of the art website allows us to create a unique website for your property which includes a detailed Financial Analysis, Rent roll, Photo tour as well as Aerial and location maps.

Marketing Strategies

The Private Offering
  •   A handful of these most probable and highly qualified buyers are asked to quickly determine their interest in making an offer.
  •   By setting a deadline and limiting the number of bidders, interested buyers believe that their offer has a greater chance of being accepted. If advantageous implement a “Call for Offers” strategy which discloses no asking price and requires prospective buyers to formulate their own opinion of value.
  •   Serious buyers are motivated to move quickly with the knowledge that other competing buyers will be submitting offers.

Maximum Exposure- Access to the largest pool of investors

  •   Through direct mail, email and telephone contact to over 10,000 investors registered in the UMF proprietary database.
  •   Leveraging the Internet through the UMF website with almost one million hits monthly.
  •   Additional exposure to millions of investors nationwide through the most popular commercial real estate sites including Loopnet & Costar.
  •   Advertising in Local, Regional and National newspapers and trade journals.

Buyer Qualification and Property Viewings

Prior to showing your property we will determine the Buyer's experience and motivation as well as the funds available for the initial investment and means by which the deal will be financed. The initial viewing will include a sampling of units: one per unit type and common areas with showings typically done on weekdays when most tenants are not present.

Negotiating Offers-Handling the Paperwork

The UMF offer was designed so the remaining contingencies in the Sale Contract are subject to Financing & Clear Title. Our transaction expertise protects the owners we represent.

Handling the Due Diligence Process and Closing the Sale

We will schedule site visits for inspections & appraisal and oversee distribution of the necessary paperwork, coordinate final utility readings and alarm certifications in order for the closing to occur in a timely fashion.  
Maximum Exposure plus Transaction Expertise Results in Maximum Value