Services for Selling and Buying

A History of aligning the most qualified multifamily investors

United Multi Family is here to assist you in all aspects of multi family investment sales


Strategically Aligning The Largest Pool of The Most Active Investors To Maximize Reach and Yield

At UMF, our goal has remained true for over 20 years; create the best market for your property and maximize it’s value. Our investor reach is unmatched and our alignment is precise - which saves you time and brings in the most qualified buyers.

We came up with a winning formula that combines valuation, financial analysis, marketing strategies and technology; then we built a highly creative campaign and target your property to complement a list of specified buyers. If you’re looking to sell off-market, we’ve got over 10,000 investors to align your real estate with - and will personally call from our hand-picked investors. Then our experience comes in to play; we’ve negotiated thousands of deals and understand the nuances better than any other shop. We know deals can be difficult, and that’s where you can count on the most qualified professionals in multifamily investing.

We know deals can be difficult but we've been executing the difficult deals for decades — so let's get to work on your property.


Successfully Pairing Investment Buyers to Multifamily Properties That Create Value

For more than twenty years we’ve been building an intricate database of multifamily properties, owners and investors - so we tend to know the history of ownership and have a keen sense of matching buyers to buildings better than anyone in the business.

Many real estate buyers take advantage of the 1031 Exchange, a real estate investment technique that enables sellers of income property to defer paying capital gains taxes. We’ve executed hundreds of exchanges with our clients, and have the experienced team to match buyers with the most qualified property to fulfill their exchange. We’ve also begun working with a new variety of 1031 investment tools that provide buyers and sellers many more options to defer their capital gains. We’re happy to discuss all the exchange advantages with you, then and we’ll pair you with one of our partner programs to guide you through the best opportunities for your property.