Our Community

Giving Back / Paying Forward

We've been fortunate to be able to get involved in our communities and the causes that affect our colleagues and neighbors. For decades we've supported charities, events and fundraising opportunities, and we'll continue to donate our time and resources to our communities. We hope you can join us on future events.

Charity Hockey Tournament

Saturday, Apr 27th, 2024
Pilgrim Ice Arena Hingham, MA

Jack’s Drive 55 - "We got this"

Our Partnerships

Children's Advocacy Center recognizes that a concern of child abuse can be a crisis for a child and the family, and works to minimize the stress for both through a supportive and comprehensive response. Their Annal Charity Event, "Step Up & Speak Out" brings awareness, recognizes the leaders in this critical cause, and raises the necessary funding for the Center. UMF is proud to be involved as one of the programs Advocate Sponsors.


For more than 200 years, The Home for Little Wanderers Serves children and youth from birth to 22, and makes a positive impact on over 12,000 lives each year through a network of services including education, adoption and foster care, behavioral health, therapeutic residential and special education. For more than a decade, UMF has been involved with charitable events, financial contributions and sponsorship programs that give back to the The Home.


For over 150 years, Boston Children's Hospital has maintained the same vision: to advance pediatric care worldwide. Considered the best hospital in the world by many, UMF is proud to be a contributor to this breakthrough institute - and has been fortunate to have some of our employees healed through their care. UMF has been involved in fundraising events and contributions for over a decade.


UMF has been proud to sponsor blood drive events, marketing and advertising calls to action for the American Red Cross, both in and out of times of disasters and need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, UMF continues its efforts to partner and remind clients and colleagues about the critical need to keep blood supplies available through donations.


The Gold Star Run for Honor is a 5k/10k road race in Saugus Massachusetts in honor of the Cpl. Scott Procopio and funds a Memorial Scholarship. Corporal Procopio was a U.S. Marine killed in action in Anbar Province, Iraq - April 2006 at the age of 20-years-old. UMF has sponsored the event and contributed financially to its scholarship efforts.


Since 1987, SAA has granted over $85 million through 21 experiential open water swimming fundraising events and over 100 pool swim fundraisers. 2020 marks the 34th year of Swim Across America. During that time, the event has grown from a single event in Nantucket, MA, to the 21 open water benefit swims across the country and 100 annual pool swims. UMF has been a proud sponsor of the Fairfield County, CT Team’s Challenge.